Never Heard A Complain At All

These past few days, I’d been so busy doing some school stuffs merely covering my kids books especially with Faith so that her stuffs won’t easily get torn up. After I covered her school books, she begged me to cover also her newly purchased books. She got 3 books for the land of stories. She had Book 2, Book 3 and Book 5 and all of it was not covered, she noticed that it was easily damaged so she asked me to cover the new one. I told her I would only cover her books if she would help and she was willingly lent me a hand. I guessed she was enjoying it because I didn’t hear any complain at all.

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One Week of a Serious Review

Just this week, my kids and I had a serious review with their lessons as this week was their periodical exam for 2nd quarter. Mj is reviewing her lessons on her own; she does not have a tutor anymore to guide her. I mean she asked me not to hire again another tutor for her; she said she can handle it already and besides she is old enough, she promised me to be really serious this time.

So I concentrated with my youngest daughter, their first day of exam was just this Wednesday; the covered for this exam is really long for Math. But thank God that she was able understand it easily. Unlike the Filipino, she was even crying while studying because she said it is very hard and very tricky. English on the other hand was easy peasy, we were able to finish the review early. Yesterday was their last day for this sem. And yes finally we have a semestral break for one week, Faith and Mj will go back to their respective school on November 04, 2014 to make way of the All Saint’s and All Soul’s Day.

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Lost Book

I just found out that Faith’s book is lost and we need it because she have a poem that she needs to memorize and assignments that needs to answer. I also just notice the note tonight; she is also looking for it. I asked Faith if where did she put her book and she doesn’t know. I already have tried to look for it in every corner here at home but I could not find it. This is the 2nd time that Faith lost her book; I mean the first book was just found here at home. And I am hoping that we could also find this book tonight but unfortunately I couldn’t find it. So my sister and I went to her classmate’s house to copy the poem that they need to recite by tomorrow. Good thing the mother was still awake and she welcomed us to their home, my sister just took a picture of the poem. When we went back home, I let Faith memorize the poem right away, Faith already knew some sentence so it was just easy for her to recite it. We took a video of her and I will put the link here some other time. I am still hoping to find the book not later than next week.

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Mother And Daughter Bonding

Geez, days are rolling very fast because this is the day that I will be getting my kids report cards. Yeah, I mean I would get Mj’s card by tomorrow yet, I can’t wait to see her grades. So Faith and I went out today to get her report card, when she arrived at the Gym, she greeted her teachers immediately. The teachers were laughing at how she greeted them loudly, Faith really got their charm that they had so much fun with her. Her grades were high not the Math though but not flunked. Oh, obviously she hates numbers, I mean totally!

So after we got her card and her updates, we went to the mall together as I want to treat her in a fancy but oh well she always suggested Jollibee and her stomach is bubbling and she want to eat at the Jollibee she even told that to all the passengers in the Jeepney that she’s hungry and she want to eat at the bee. LOL

Yeah, we had a nice bonding together; she had so much fun of the rides, carousel and those stuffs. She was also running around with some kids in the playground. It is a nice feeling seeing her having fun and hearing her laugh. And I guess we should do it very often.

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