Rest For A Week

Thank GOD that I will be resting for one week meaning I don’t have to drive till night because it is Mj’s periodical exam and she needs to study for the week to prepare for the next week’s periodical exam. In times like this, I would like to spend my time at night to rest but I just can’t rest because Faith and I also needs to study and I also need to prepare dinner for the whole family plus my blog is waiting enthusiastically.

I am still assisting Mj when she studies, but not much anymore. It is just like I am asking her question and she would answer. In math, she will do it on her own, their topic is already so complicated and since she is the expert I just leave it to her. I always told her though that she needs to pass all the test so she can join the competition otherwise both will suffer.

She is already in Grade 8, meaning she’s in 2nd year high school, she plan to use the swimming to get a scholarship in college, I hope she can. Two years from now she will attend junior high and that means she will not attend in the same venue of campus much bigger this time. Geez I can’t wait!

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Friendship Day

Today is Friendship Day at Faith’s school, they were asked to bring some pictures of them with foreigner friends. Good thing that one friend of mine just had a vacation here in the Philippines, her sisters from Ireland and Australia went home as well. And last month during the Christening of the son of her sister, we were invited for the party, I didn’t slip any chance to take some pictures of my daughter with them, it was just right because of this project. Yesterday I went to the mall to have 4 pictures developed and we submitted it today, when Faith went out from the classroom, she handed me right away her star! Yes she got a star today because of the pictures we submitted; it was an International Friendship Day indeed for all of us.

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Under The Heat Of The Sun

Since Mj and I are so seldom to be together since she is not yet swimming for her training, I always posted Faith’s updates instead since I am already the one monitoring her updates at school. I could not take pictures of Mj as well unlike before since she is already a teenager and she somewhat enjoyed her being a slight independent. Her school now keeps her busy from projects, assignments, exams and even other activities. Recently she is an official Girl Scout member; they had this pledge at school that it made her very tired when she got home. She said that they were under the sun for like a half day, they have to do some pledge for their Girl Scouting, they also have to listen to some programs that were scheduled for them. She could not wait for their camping that would happen very soon.

When the program was finish, she didn’t wasted any time and she went to the carpool right away. It was so hot that she could not contained it anymore, their carpool had an aircon so it helps her freshen up. There is one wish that I would like Mj to have and that is a certificate, proving that she finished the school until college. I have a trust in her that she would finish, if she would concentrate more on her studies.

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Spelling And Reading

Mj is now in Grade 7 so I am not assisting her anymore but Faith I will have my full support on her nowadays, especially with this K12 system. Faith is only 5 years old but their lesson is just so hard to understand on her age. Last night, I tried to let her memorize the spelling of each word for the numbers since she was not able to answer that of their last quiz. For only one to ten, we already spend one hour for that. I mean how can a five years old would be able to memorize all the spellings. She can read but she would forget at times.

For me not to get stress with all these, I just let it be, if Faith could not pass this kindergarten stuff, which supposedly she is still in Pre-K since she was only nursery last year, then be it. But I am still trying hard for her to learn specially in reading and spelling. I will not quit even though I would almost shout for her to determine what’s next after a certain letter so she will know. I am trying to hold back though; I don’t want her to think that studying is a day to day struggle.

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