Last Week Was A Busy Week

Last week was a busy week for Faith but it was good for her because it was so dreading hot here, one time when we were on our way to her swimming class, she said it was too hot and she’s thankful that she had a chance to soak in the water. Too bad it was her last day on Saturday, their graduation was set on that day I want for her to continue it to advance swimming but I don’t have budget anymore and besides our car is busted again that the mechanic said we need to overhaul it. On the other hand here’s Faith picture during her last day in swimming.

 photo 18450002_10212430389290902_1254777731_n.jpg

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Will Have A Getaway This Weekend

My kids are very excited this weekend obviously because we will spend a night out in the beach. I planned this getaway for a week now and my kids are looking forward for it especially my youngest daughter. She has been preparing her toys for the beach for a week as well. This outing is for my family, the whole family including their cousins and my sisters. I will have two nights off from work, I filed a vacation leave a month ago and finally I can smell the breeze coming from the sea water, it has been a while. And it has been I had a little bonding with my kids, I wanted to be just with them but my eldest daughter suggested to bring the whole family instead, in that way it will be more fun. Good luck to my expenses.

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Started Summer In Filipino

When Faith had her entrance exam in the new school, her English subject was perfect, her Science had one mistake, her Math was passed but her Filipino was failed. The principal of the new school recommended her to take the summer in that school. However, no one could send her to the new school. So I just enrolled her in the nearest preschool as they conducted summer class in all levels.

In the first week of May, I enrolled her there right away. The teacher was a little surprised because among her students Faith is the only one taking Filipino summer class. Most of them, they are taking reading comprehension and Math.

So far, Faith is reading Filipino already. I told the teacher she can read Filipino however she could not identify the object. Faith is really trying it is just, her knowledge about it is just limited. Moreover, she is enjoying her summer and she said she learned a lot of her teacher.

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Muggy And Sweaty Summer

Geez, it is so hot here today, when I went out this afternoon, I drank lots of water as I became thirsty when I arrived at one place to another. And at night my youngest daughter would wake up to drink a glass of water, I wanted to turn the aircon on but I am worried that she could not sleep immediately because it is already too noisy. Yes I know I need an aircon such as air conditioning montreal because they worked effectively and they live much longer compared to other aircon. They are also the best in heating or ventilation for your homes or commercial building. And if you are a Frances you can have your own thermopompe montreal as well.  I know I badly need one for our home, my daughter is asking for it already because it gets too muggy at night even how high the volume of our fan it still can’t satisfy us. This muggy and sweaty weather are the signs that summer season are fast approaching already in this part of the world, this mean that going to the beach would be so much fun. The summer getaway should be set very soon and I am sure the kids will love it.

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