Rizal Stadium Swimming Pool


This is the 50 meters pool at the Rizal Stadium, my daughter was making her lapse alone here because her team mates were still waiting for their flights, they would arrive from our place two more days yet. And since I don’t want to waste her time just doing nothing in the hotel, I dragged her to Rizal stadium to swim, she called her coach (not her coach now) to ask her program for the day and that’s what she followed. I was just there to reprimand her to finish it fast because it was so tiring to wait lol.

Smiling Sally

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Home Late

I just went home, the training was late to finish tonight because one swimmer was late and so to wait for her to finish her lapse, we decided to stay for a while. I supposed to go out for workouts but when I went to the gym, I found out that they don’t have session for Saturday. I asked if they have foot spa and pedicure but they told me to wait for one hour because they don’t have much staffs today. I decided not to, instead I went back to the pool to wait for Jm instead, later one of the parents invited us for eat all you can dinner and so together with my friend and her daughter we went with them and your’s truly is again so full.

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Inground Pool Pump

Having a home with a swimming pool has always been a dream. My eldest daughter is a competitive swimmer and it would give her a chance to get in a little exercise. Of course I am not talking about having a competition size pool, but it would be fun to have a pool for all of us to enjoy. One thing that is important is the inground pool pump to keep the water moving. Along with the filter, the pump is an important part of keeping your pool clean.

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