Leave Of Absence On Big Events

I planned to at least take a half day at work tomorrow since it is my eldest daughter inter-school swimming competition but sad to say I can’t anymore since I had a total of 4 days of absent when Faith was sick and I was too. Good thing that Mj can go to the venue by herself, she said she knows how to go there. And one of the teachers also represented herself to fetch Mj so she is safe. And besides I have some friends at the venue that can check for Mj from time to time. This is what I don’t like when I am working, I would miss big events of my kids just as these. If only the schedule for their competition is definite, I could have plotted to be absent so to make sure that I will be paid and my work will not be compromise but this is what we signed for; this is what our life now so I’ll just have to live with it. On the other note, I will fetch Mj from the venue at lunch. I hope and I pray she will be able to qualify on the next DCAA.

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Accompanying Her To Her Training

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I made a promise to my daughter Mj that I will accompany her on the pool when it’s my day off, so last Thursday ¬†after I fetched Faith from school, we went out right away so she will not be late to her training. But even though I was with her, I can feel that she doesn’t like to train anymore. I am not sure if this will be the last time or she would still want to continue her swimming journey but whatever her decision, I am always be here no matter what. I will always support her.

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I am worried about my eldest daughter, I know that she is just hiding it but I know she is having a hard time with her schedule. You see, her dismissal from school is always about 4 in the afternoon, and there are a lot of times that she could not hail a Jeepney right away. Sometimes, she has to wait for an hour for her to get a Jeepney to go home. And sometimes, she would arrive home at 6 in the evening, in which she will have to prepare all her things for training. She don’t have time to do her project anymore, she don’t have time to study at all. She will arrive home from training, most of the time at 11:30 in the evening and since she got very tired already, she would crawl to her bed to sleep right away. I know we have to decide sooner or later if we continue the swimming or not, and whatever it will be, it will be for a lifetime.

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I Don’t Like To Swim

Yesterday, my youngest daughter swim from 5:30 in the afternoon up to 9:00 in the evening, and yet when we went home last night she was still so hyper. Today, I told her to prepare since their learn to swim will start at 6 in the evening, yet she said that she doesn’t like to swim because she is tired, she even said that she doesn’t want to go with me but she will miss me. I can’t help but laugh, she sounded so cute when she said that. Oh well, I can’t insist her to go swimming, so I just message her friend if she would like to learn to swim today. Together with Mj, we fetched them on our way to the pool; they were surprised that Faith is not there.

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