Hatchimals Hatch it or Break it

Hatchimals may be good and funny in the outside, but this blog will blab about the bad stuff about it. Hi Faith again and today I’m saying the truth about HATCHIMALS! Yup I’m doing it today guys! OK one of the reasons you shouldn’t buy this toy. One of them is they drop the F-bomb on the owner they even swear in their sleep! Seriously who makes this toy! And development of the child’s brain and society needs to spend time with real people not with robots. And why do they say such a word in their sleep¬†that is not appropriate for the kids! I mean seriously who freaking does that? If you don’t believe me watch it on you tube.¬†Faith Out!

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The Yippits Has Come

My youngest daughter asked her Daddy to bring her a Fijit but when her Daddy arrived here, he brought the fijit yippets; it is like a pet that can dance, interact when you clap 3 times and that can play music too. So even Faith was looking forward for Fijit Willa, when she saw the Yippits dancing, she already played with it too. Sleep with Fijit as well and dance with it. It is the color pink, good thing it is one of her favorite colors otherwise she would really really get disappointed. So here is the Fijit of my youngest daughter that she would always bring in the car on our way to the school.

 photo HPIM2290_zps6eb6078a.jpg

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My Little Teapot’s Toy Organizer

I was looking for a perfect toy organizer for my youngest daughter, her toys were only put in the box and it was busted already. Thus, I need to look for an organizer real quick. I tried it to the mall that I always visited but the organizer that I wanted to buy is not there already, they said it was already phase out. My sister showed me a brochure for AVON but the toy organizer that I like was not there. They have the toy organizer but it was not a box instead it is a nylon type of bag. I ordered it just for the sake of the toys to be kept tidy at once. My sister could bring that organizer the next day but when I roamed around the mall the next day and I found a box type toy organizer, which I like very much, it would keep my youngest toy’s tidier. I called my sister right away and informed her to cancel the order because I found one, which is better than the nylon type. Here’s what I bought from the Toy Kingdom in SM.

 photo HPIM0865_zps40ffbf6d.jpg

This toy organizer is just right for all her toys. The princesses is a bonus since Faith likes princesses so much, the cover of this toy organizer is durable that you can sit like a princess as well.

 photo HPIM0866_zps50c5102e.jpg

Here’s my little teapot making a pose for the camera, she has been insisting to pose with her toy organizer.

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