To Make Me Happy

This week is our nesting and inasmuch as I wanted to tutor my youngest daughter I just can’t anymore, I am too busy at all that when I went home I just want to play with her and rest. My sister visited us one day and she offered that she can tutor Faith, of course that is with a fee and since her being the teacher aid does not pay her enough and extra income would be a good idea, I let her tutor Faith. Faith summer class is fast approaching and I am really worried of her behavior, as one time she throw her teacher with a pencil. I was really crying when I found it out, and I told her she is grounded for a night meaning she could not use the computer, no cellphone and no TV until she would say sorry to her teacher. The next day when she arrived at school, she approached to her teacher and said sorry, she is not making drama she is really sorry for what she done. I hope by the next school year, she would change and behave and listen to her teacher and I will be very happy.

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Busy This Week

Faith has tutor but I think I still need to¬†assist her for her to study because she sometimes doesn’t listen to her teacher. My husband keeps on telling me to sit with Faith sometimes so she would listen, but I sometimes got hooked with something that I can’t have time with her. But on Saturday I should have to set all aside my appointments in the evening, I need to study with her because their written examination will be on March 04 already. Mj as well, will be busy this month, they just have their written examination on February 27, but she still need to study since they still have post-test this coming week and then after they will have NAT exam, which is why she is too busy with her reviews at school, her tutor is also helping her.

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