Enchantress Esmia or Enchantress Ms. Peregrine?

My youngest told me once about their program in the coming week. They need to wear a costume based on a book. Since Faith does not have Belle or Cinderella costume, she was able to come up with something. The only problem is the costume is very hard to follow. Good thing I remember my eldest daughter’s costume before. When she looked at it, she suddenly exclaimed she can be an Enchantress Esmia.

The next morning my eldest daughter put some make up on her. She looked stunning! A moment later, she told us she is Ms. Peregrine.

Faith on her make up trial

Our  Enchantress The Miss Peregrine

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Teach Them How To Save

I am so glad that my youngest daughter has the initiative to save.

I gave her P 20.00 everyday as her extra allowance aside from the cracker and Yakult she brought to school for snacks. I gave her P 20.00 so if she have something she would like to buy, she have money to pay for it. However, later on I found out she is not spending it instead she save it. I encouraged her to save more so she can get the books she would like to buy. But it was last month that someone stole her money inside her wallet. She cried so hard because she saved that for my birthday. The guidance counselor talked to her about it. She was relieved somehow, she told me about it, scared that I will be mad. She was surprised because I did not, I mean she already had a terrible day at school and I do not want to add anything on her shoulder. I let it pass but I advised her to leave the money at home she saved at home, in that way it will be secure, she hesitated at first but she was convinced at the later time.

To inspire her, I always show how much money she already saved. She was happy to find out is getting bigger.

We joined the Binge Book Sale and she was able to buy Myths Busted 2 and The Warrior Cats. We paid for it out from her savings and yesterday after we claimed her report card, we went to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale and she bought Miss Peregrine Book and 2 Land of Stories.

Her books are a bit expensive, good thing we were able to join the two events that give us discounts and that she was able to afford it since she saved. So if you have kids her age, it is better to teach them how to save so they would know how hard it is to earn money.

If you want to get something, you must do some savings.

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Learning Tagalog

Yes, I am having a hard time teaching my youngest daughter to understand Tagalog or speak our mother tongue. I guess it is my fault because I let her speak in English when she was a little and did not give any attention that somehow it can affect her study. I just realized it now when I transferred her to this school.

Unlike in her previous school, the teachers in Filipino will just translate the question during the exam to her. However, with this school since it is a standard school, they will not adjust for their students. They need to understand and at least answer it in Tagalog the best that they can. My youngest daughter was not able to understand anything on their essay question and so she wrote, “I could not understand the question”. When I learned about it, I was so pissed since we did our best to study the night before. She was able to answer with multiple choice and fill in the blank except the essay and their exam is almost essay.

Thus, last 2 nights we were doing extra effort with it. I let her read “Ang pagdating ni Magellan sa Pilipinas”. Of course, since she could not understand every word of it, she resisted everything. I explained but it was not enough, I need help! I already speak Tagalog to her, there are words that she was able to understand but still could not speak to it.

I research online what are the best ways to teach the kids in speaking Tagalog and I was able to find this video:


I’ll be checking this one later, I might be downloading some tutorial in you tube. I hope this could help.

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Past Time

Whenever I and my kids are just at home, we either just watched movies in Netflix or doing Karaoke but recently we just could not do the latter because our microphone is busted.

This past time is actually could save everybody’s bucks. You can keep your budget right if you can watch movies at home.  You know how much is the movies nowadays especially if the movie is a blockbuster. When I watched a movie, I can only bring one of my kids, either Faith or Mj, I could not bring them together at the same time because I am sure I would spend more than I only supposed to spend. Thus, if you want to enjoy a movie together with the whole family, then just watch it at home.

Doing Karaoke or singing together at home can be the most fun activity. Most of us I believe is always a singer at heart. Even though we don’t have that golden voice, as long as we can find time or a chance for us to sing, we just gladly took the opportunity. Buying a new mic that can enhance our voice would be a nice idea and of course with a good component as well. On the other hand, the other day my sister just brought me a new microphone and right away, we sang our heart out.

We are also into playing some music instrument and Mj always finds a way to learn some piece. And recently she was able to find a way for our piano to play, she did it with the cord of our laptop, she plugged it in our piano and it works.

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