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All Saint’s Day With The Kids

We went to the cemetery where my father lies, we brought some food for us to eat our dinner in my uncle’s tomb, near the cemetery that we went to, after we prayed the Holy Rosary, I prepared the foods of my father and put it on top of his tomb. It’s a tradition here in the Philippines that if it’s all souls day, you have to prepare food for them too, as they would smell the food that you offer, some said that it is one way to show them that you still care for them still. We also offer flowers and lit a candle, I also paid someone to reprint my father’s name on his tomb.The sky gets dark when we were getting ready to go to my uncle’s tomb, where some of my relatives waited for us since 4:00 p.m. A Jeepney stopped in the street where we walked thru the other cemetery, so we grabbed the chance to ride it, since it was a bit far from where we were. We were inside the Jeepney when the rain started to pour and it gets really hard after a while, we decided not to dropped by since Faith was with us, instead we stopped by at the area where we can get a taxi cab for us to send home.

My kids and I

My two nieces with Faith