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Grrr That Bully Kid

I already held my patience when her classmate named Richard push the drink on Mj’s hand and she soaked wet with it. The teacher then called Richard’s attention when a classmate reported it to their teacher; he was being punished by standing in front of the class for like how many minutes.After a couple of months, when they went out from their classroom, Richard did it again when he hit Mj’s head by his hand. Again my daughter never complains anything nor she did not report it to her teacher yet she keeps on telling me what happen in school.

Now that kid did it again yesterday and I can’t hold my patience anymore, I was really like a dragon ready to puff a big fire. They were doing an activity when this kid approached their group, Mj was just uttering loser to herself, she was just playing and talking to herself alone, then when Richard attempted to hit her again, I guess he thought that Mj was teasing him a loser, but she explained immediately that it was not him, she just uttered those words to herself, but then he still punched her on her tummy including her head. I was really so mad and was about to attack the kid in school or at their house since he is our neighbor, but I realized if I will do that, I am sure his Mom who is my friend would depend her kid and that would cause us a trouble for sure, so I decided to just went straight to her school with Faith, I brought her to school so I could calm down and talked her teacher regarding this matter.

After we talked, she promised me that she would do some actions regarding my complaint; she also told me that the kid had many cases already at school being a bully. How I wish the teacher could do something to prevent the kids being bullied, I know it is hard on her part also but this thing must stop now, not only to Mj but to some of the kids in school as well.