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GT #6 : My Favorite Chocolate

It is Girls Talk once again and today we would be sharing a lot of sweets and chocolates. When I was pregnant my husband never ceased to send me chocolates, I know that it is not good for pregnant women to eat a lot of chocolates, I didn’t eat all of those though, I concentrated more of my chips a hoy.

Every time Terry is here, he would always bring us chocolates, of course we would never left it empty and that sometimes we forgot to share some of those for my relatives, that’s how we are so into chocolates.

I was five months old pregnant with Faith on this picture

My Favorite Chips a hoy

Some of my favorites.

Trivia: If I got no chocolates on hand when I was pregnant, I always went to our company canteen to buy flat tops chocolates and hide it in my pocket so the company guard won’t notice it, its in the rules not to bring any food in or eat in the terminal.

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A Gift Early In The Morning

I thought that my wedding surprises are over but I was wrong because a gift just arrived in our doorstep, nope it is not from my husband it is from our neighbor, my friend whom son punched Mj on her stomach.

Is this a pay off for hurting my kid at school? Nope, I guess not because she had promised me before that she would send me a gift when her fiancée will arrive for their wedding on October, well I think she was busy and did not remember anything until the day of that incident. Hence, it is not the gift that counts though, it is the thought and I hope this is not bribery or something because if her kid would do the same thing again, certainly I still not hesitate to report it to his teacher or worst I might report him to the guidance councilor.

Anyway, thank you so much for the 7 sets of bowl you gave me, it is my pleasure to receive those and no worries, I still care for our friendship and promise to make it last.