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Done With Diagnostic Tests

Yes, Mj is done with her diagnostic tests, we would enroll her in Kumon by next week for advance learning in Math, I was planning to enroll her in reading before but I changed my mind when the in charge advised me to focus on what she is interested to enhance her ability.When I asked my daughter if she has a difficulty in taking the exam, she answered it was not at all, it was easy and she was able to answer the whole worksheet. The teacher would evaluate her exam and will tell me the result on Wednesday as we agreed to pay the enrollment too, yet it was a bit expensive but I guess our time and money will not be wasted when it comes to my kids learning, as what the Kumon founder quoted “There is a limit to how much one can teach, but there is no limit to how high one can advance through self-learning”

Her schedule would be on Friday and Saturday but I would come every Wednesday for the exchange of worksheet, this is a long term program and I hope she could finish it all, wish us luck.