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Will Make It Up To You

I am so sorry if I am not responding to those who left any comments here and to my other blog especially to the Girl’s Talk Meme, Mellow Yellow Monday, Mommy Moments, PB Weekend, and Couple’s Corner I just did not had enough time to respond guys, I was too busy with my kids as you notice that there are days I cannot update some of my blogs anymore. But promise as soon as I have time to reply I would precisely reply your comments, visit your blogs and leave a comment, just spare me this time because Mj needs my assistance in school especially that she is now taking the advance learning in Math.

I should have been leave today as my blog day but a friend came over to the house, we did not see each other for a long time and we treated this day as our reunion together with my sisters. She is actually the close friend of sister Merlyn and she became close to all of us, I never forgot what she instilled in my mind that “Physical allure is a fading thing, the beauty within is all that matters because it will last until the end of time

Anyhow let me make it up to you some other time folks, goodnight!