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GT # 8 : My Fave Gifts

All the gifts I ever received were always from my hubby ever since he came into my life, just like the flowers and chocolate on my birthday when we first chatted online and the engagement ring he gave me the first time he was here and see me in person. This year was the mini laptop he sent me on Mother’s day this year, I was surprised and said to myself he really love me not because we have a daughter but he love me because of me. Gifts from him are only some proofs how thoughtful he is and I always appreciate it, but you know what is the best of the best gifts I ever receive from him? His genuine sincerity and his love towards me, and I am looking forward for more years of being with him, although sometimes I am such a stubborn wife.

My baby replace my space when I went out to go to the kitchen, when I went back to our room, I saw her manipulating my fave gift, hehehe Want to join us? Just click here.