Early This Morning

I slept late again last night, I think there were only days that I sleep before 12 a.m. because I usually sleep after the clock strikes midnight. But even so, I still woke up so early at 6 a.m. my head was almost broke because I was still sleepy yet you cannot compare the happiness you felt when you are busy preparing for your kids snacks, if I prepared burgers for Mj the other day, today I prepared her bread with hotdogs in the middle with ketchup and mayonnaise in it.I seldom prepare for breakfast because Kuya James was usually the one who cook every morning but since he doesn’t had work last night and he was not able to wake up early this morning, I volunteered myself to cook and get up even though I was still sleepy, well Mj’s uniform had to be iron and have to tell her to be hurry because her carpool will be here soon. Thank God she was already dressed up and she is done with her breakfast just before her carpool arrives.

2 Responses to “Early This Morning”

  1. eden says:

    hmm yummy lunch, hambuger and hotdog. si david kay ganahan sad anang hotdog with bread roll and tomato sauce.

  2. Mom of Four says:

    Ang galing naman ni Mommy Anne..But of course, si Mj eh napaka cooperative sau, si Roan, naku! masasapok mo na ayaw pang bumangon. kaya di pwedeng hindi putakan habang gumagayak.Naku, ako'y na ha high blood tuwing umaga, hehehe! Dito namana ng mga snacks lang eh rice krispies, at juice. kaya madali lang. Wait ka kapag nandito na kau sa US na nag aaral na si Faith. Ang mga bus dito 720AM dadaanan na ang mga bata, kapag wala sila sa harap ng bahay, ikaw na maghahatid sa kanila sa school, oh di ba naman?

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