GT #6 : My Favorite Chocolate

It is Girls Talk once again and today we would be sharing a lot of sweets and chocolates. When I was pregnant my husband never ceased to send me chocolates, I know that it is not good for pregnant women to eat a lot of chocolates, I didn’t eat all of those though, I concentrated more of my chips a hoy.

Every time Terry is here, he would always bring us chocolates, of course we would never left it empty and that sometimes we forgot to share some of those for my relatives, that’s how we are so into chocolates.

I was five months old pregnant with Faith on this picture

My Favorite Chips a hoy

Some of my favorites.

Trivia: If I got no chocolates on hand when I was pregnant, I always went to our company canteen to buy flat tops chocolates and hide it in my pocket so the company guard won’t notice it, its in the rules not to bring any food in or eat in the terminal.

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20 Responses to “GT #6 : My Favorite Chocolate”

  1. ♥Willa♥ says:

    Chips Ahoy overload!!! pwede ka na mag model ng chips ahoy. 🙂

    Ferrero ang brand ng chocolate na yun. :).Sarap di ba, crunchy inside and so chocolatey! 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    hi!we used to eat chips ahoy also and it did taste good!thanks for visiting me!u can add me if it is okay for you…

  3. Mom of Four says:

    hehehe, parehong pareho kau ni hubby ko, chips ahoy, 2 duupan lang ang isang package, yung blue package ang gusto niya, with a tall glass of milk. every night yun, before matulog, daig pa naglilihi..

    Dami naman padalang chocolate, hehe

  4. chubskulit says:

    hala pakyawin ba ang chocs hahaha, parang may sari sari store ka na dyan ah hehehe..

    I am not really into chocolates but i love Merci

  5. niko says:

    ow u are chips a hoy girl!!! sarap naman kasi tlga yan girl 🙂 ihhhhh

    thanks for joining this week ah.. see u next week.. lets talk about our fave pastime naman! see u!

    girls rule!
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    lover's mushroom
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    online trends

    husband of a blogger

  6. nuts says:

    can i have some chips ahoy.. love it..

  7. Chie Wilks says: these yummy chocolate chookies..labi na ang ahoy… love its choco bits in the cookies..yummy

    mine is up too sis at my Three Chies' Trends

  8. Selina says:

    bitaw girl no I remember it gud katong nag aux 1 ta nag lukluk jud ka ug chocolate bisan ob na hehe…

  9. darly says:

    wow, i think you can be a model of chips ahoy na. Happy GT 🙂

    here's my entry

  10. Dhemz says:

    waaaaaa….klaro kaau nga addict sa chocs…ehheheh! daghana pod ana sis woi….napay cookies diha? ehhehehe!

    thanks for checking out mine…..:)

  11. anne says:

    ah yeah willa yan ung chocolate na nilatakan ng family ko I wasnt able to taste it wahh

  12. anne says:

    Hi Jen I would add u now thanks for dropping by

  13. anne says:

    hehehe kasi buntis mommy liz thats why lahat ng gusto ko ibigay hahaha first baby kaya niya si faith lol

  14. anne says:

    Hi rose muntik na nga akong magpagawa ng store kaya lang I had work pa kasi that time hehehe

  15. anne says:

    thank you niko

  16. anne says:

    hehehe nuts naubos kaagad eh nd umabot nga the next day lol

  17. anne says:

    Hi chie you bet, sarap talaga ung cookies niya wahh want to buy now lol

  18. anne says:

    hahaha kaabot pa diay ka ato selina lol bitaw oi those were the day hehehe

  19. anne says:

    hahaha thanks darly, model talaga ha? wahh hehehe

  20. anne says:

    hahahaha dhemz I must put up a store na nga for those chocs. lol

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