GT# 7: My Favorite Past Time

Oh well, I must hurry now to post this Meme since I have to go out in the house early to send Mj her lunch pack, I also have to go to get the certificate from NBI. My favorite I should say is of course blogging, right after I am done with preparing my eldest daughter to go to school, I would turn the computer on immediately and while chatting with my husband I am also updating it or dropping some EC.

We were blogging at this time, sister was asking some tips for the lay out when she was still active in blogland.

One favorite past time I have aside from blogging is singing out the ugly voice, lol yes, expect me sang through out the afternoon when Kuya James is not sleeping or Faith is not taking her nap. Good thing I used the magic sing that my hubby gave me so that make the sound a little bit alright.

Me and cheryl when we went to Clarinda’s house the other week.

How about you? What’s your favorite past time? If you want to join this meme just click the logo above thanks! I have to go now, see you later!

4 Responses to “GT# 7: My Favorite Past Time”

  1. Meikah says:

    Singing is a good pastime. It's a stress reliever really. 😉

    My Girls Talk! entry is here.

  2. Mom of Four says:

    wohooo! blogging and singing..i lvoe that too for a pastime, only we can sing, since Wrozlie and Alex would yank the mic away from me..

  3. Jen says:

    Nice!i like singing too even i have ugly voice,lol.and so what?its fun singing right?hehe,have a good day! here mine,

  4. darly says:

    singing is a good venue to bring out the creativity in you 🙂

    Happy GT, mine is up too.

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