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She Will Deliver Her Baby Soon

I visited my friend Clarinda yesterday since she was admitted at the hospital the other night after her grocery shop, she supposed to be admitted right after her ultrasound because her Doctor found out that her fluid is only 7 liters and that she needs serious attainment from her Doctor at the hospital.Though nervous, she asked her Doctor if she could go to the Mall to buy some things for her to be used in the hospital and grocery shop as well since New Year is fast approaching, her Doctor let her out but recommended her to go to the hospital right after shopping.

Yesterday, when I came to visit her, they already hooked something for induced and a dextrose for her. Please help us to pray for her success and safe delivery for her baby, to BFF, just hang on there and things will be put in place, I know GOD will always be there for you. Happy New Year BFF and kisses to your baby!

Big Change This Coming Year

Tomorrow would be another day, I will send Mj again for her tutorial at Kumon and perhaps we will purchase some ingredients for the New Year’s Eve. Geez the time flies so fast, it was like yesterday that we celebrated the Christmas eve and now we’re about to face the year of the tiger.

Next year, there’s a big change would happen to our lives, and I am so excited to do it. First was the moving out, yes I loan this house when I was still working at the call center and I move in here together with my sister’s family, and since I and Terry had the plan to get married, I promised her I would turn over this house when our visa will be approve and we’re ready to go to hubby’s place but since that’s too far away yet and Faith is getting older and I felt tight with our tiny bedroom already, I guess it is time for me to move out. Eventually sister could have my house so why not turn it over now.

I will start to canvass for the things to be use in the new house, I just need a dinner table, some chair, sofa, stove, TV, a mattress for Mj’s bedroom, and etc., etc.,

At The Wonderland

One day, when I have to go out to exchange the worksheet of Mj at the Kumon, I brought the kids with me; right after the exchange I brought them to the wonderland at SM so to have fun and to meet my friend, their Ninang as well.

I never left my youngest daughter at the slide, since I thought she is too young yet for that. There were big kids who slide so to avoid her getting hurt, I never let her but recently she was already eager to try it to herself. She had fun at first until kids came over and she can’t slide anymore, I felt pity for her but I have to take her away so the kids won’t hit her.

Kain Libee Ma?

Faith has been asking me if we could eat at Jollibee, she has been asking since Christmas when I change her clothes for the preparation for the Noche Buena until today after I took a nap. She approached me immediately and told me “Kain Libee Mang” I answered her abruptly “Alright after I’ll take a bath, then we will go to Jollibee“. She was as excited as that she could wait no more; she keeps on knocking at the bathroom door, telling me to hurry.She was already dressed up and so thrilled that she could finally eat at Jollibee when I was finished. We took a taxi cab and when we were already in front of the fast food chain, she kept on pointing the image of Jollibee and exclaimed “Libee Libee” she was so happy and didn’t stop looking around inside the store.

When we were on our way home, she never stop talking to the driver, the driver was having fun with the way she talks, she even said thank you when we arrived home and greeted her Mommy, Kuya yan2x and Ate Mj at the door.