Early In The Morning

Mj has to wake up early this morning for practice for their play at school, I have to scare her that if she will not get up she cannot join the play, suddenly she hurriedly went out in the bedroom. Faith, on the other hand woke up too after she heard her Ate Mj opened the door, she was a little bit fussy and when I touched her forehead, she seems like she had a slight fever again. I called my sister Irenie who at that time was sleeping yet, it was almost 8:30 a.m., and yet she was still fast asleep well, she slept late last night from playing the cafe world, the farmville, yoville, and all those online games in the Facebook. The moment she heard me calling her name, she got up from the bed otherwise I have to deal of persisting Faith to take her medicine.Yet, I have to go out in the Pharmacy as early as that because we just ran out of her Paracetamol, so even my hair was uncombed and I just woke up and I didn’t taken my bath, I have to go out right away and ride a Jeepney so we could continue her medication for her fever. It was so embarrassing because I bumped a familiar face when I arrived at the Pharmacy she was a friend of my sister in Singapore, maybe she was surprised as how I looked like because I was really messy, well I don’t care I have to get Faith her medicine real quick so whatever she would say about me, that is not my concern anymore. Uhmm I hope she didn’t saw any eye discharged when we talked or else I would be more embarrassed.

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