Feet Flies

As you can see, since the 9 morning began I always have less time sleeping at night because we are attending the mass as early as 4:00 a.m., so we have to get up from bed at 3:30 a.m.

I was worried the first day when I left Faith in our bed with her two Ate, I am not worried of her cries if ever she wakes up without me because she can take care of herself well, I just have to leave a bottle of milk beside her then she will cry no more. I have already observed her that before, when she is awaken by something, she will reach her milk even I put it in the edge of our window. What I am worried about is that her two Ate, they would unintentionally put their legs or their feet on Faith, you can imagine how tight our bed for the four of us so when each one of us move if not be very careful, Faith would get hurt.

Although I already found a solution and that is to put a pillow between them so their foot won’t fly on Faith’s face or tummy, and move Faith more on the other side where she can easily reach her bottle. I still can’t be at ease and that every time I arrived home from church, I would immediately check on her if she’s fine, well she snore loud in her slumber and I guess still dreaming in her wonderland. I also reprimanded Mariel to slow down moving when we are out; she slept beside Faith so I am sure she would be very careful when she is aware that I am not there to wake up right away when Faith is crying.

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