GT # 9 : Birth Talk

Uhmm this is quiet hard since I have no Mom anymore to ask for, but let me see if I could recall what my Mom told my sister’s when I was just born, obviously they are the one who knew it all since I was just five years old when the heaven, took Mom from us.

Let me start with Mom didn’t expect I would come into their lives since after my Sister Irenei was a boy and he died, it took them years to conceived me so my age gap from sister Irenie is 9 years, sister Irenie thought she would be the youngest, well I guess we have to expect the unexpected because I just came in so sudden, accidentally perhaps? But I don’t consider myself as such because I am fully aware that Mom loves me so much and I was her favorite ever, even my Dad, he used to tell my sisters when I was growing up that I was the most clever among them. Hehehe, I am not sure though but I felt like my sisters were somewhat jealous of me, but they can do nothing because I was my Mom’s pet.They said my Mom craved for a fish called “Pantat” this fish has a dark skin and sad to say Mom used to grilled it so it gets darker I guess she likes to eat the part where it was blackened by the heat of the charcoal, that’s why I have the darker skin ever, the skin I used to hate before that I wished to have the whiter skin like my sisters, but soon I realized, having a dark skin is not a problem at all, it should not be hated because this is the skin that my husband is crazy about. Lol

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  1. Mom of Four says:

    Oh Yeah!! our skin is what most American men are crazy about. Wag na maghanap ng mas maputing balat, lika na dito sa US, para may kasama na akong morena..

  2. redamethyst says:

    kelan pala birthday mo? how is it to have an older sister? close siguro kayo?
    have a great weekend

  3. Hazelicious929 says:

    I am aware of that fish pantat! that is so delicious, labi na if cooked in coconut milk! ilaveet!

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