I Love Being A SAHM

This past few days was so hectic, it’s been getting crazy around here but most of the time I enjoyed much of what I was doing, although I am miles apart from my husband and I missed him everyday, the kids on the other hand, kept me from being lonely. They always makes my day even how complicated that is, unlike before when I was still working. Yes I had a lot of time for myself and enjoyed the being a working mom but I felt empty inside as I left Mj behind, I really had no time for her before because when I arrive home in the morning, she’s already out for school and when I woke up at night, preparing myself to work, she is already in bed.I always so thankful that Terry advised me not to work anymore because more than anything the kids must be prioritized, I am still busy this time, yes but mostly with my kids. I am so proud to say that even I don’t have work and I have less money now but the experience of being a mom inside our home with my kids could not be compare. I just love being a SAHM.

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