Kain Libee Ma?

Faith has been asking me if we could eat at Jollibee, she has been asking since Christmas when I change her clothes for the preparation for the Noche Buena until today after I took a nap. She approached me immediately and told me “Kain Libee Mang” I answered her abruptly “Alright after I’ll take a bath, then we will go to Jollibee“. She was as excited as that she could wait no more; she keeps on knocking at the bathroom door, telling me to hurry.She was already dressed up and so thrilled that she could finally eat at Jollibee when I was finished. We took a taxi cab and when we were already in front of the fast food chain, she kept on pointing the image of Jollibee and exclaimed “Libee Libee” she was so happy and didn’t stop looking around inside the store.

When we were on our way home, she never stop talking to the driver, the driver was having fun with the way she talks, she even said thank you when we arrived home and greeted her Mommy, Kuya yan2x and Ate Mj at the door.

2 Responses to “Kain Libee Ma?”

  1. Hazelicious929 says:

    ahehehehe that's cute. I say it Jabee!

  2. anne says:

    hhehehe sa kanya naman libee lol

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