Let IT Snow, Let It Snow

…Ooopppsss not here though I wish it would snow here in the Philippines. The video was taken at my husband’s place; he knows I love to see snow that’s why he videotaped it and unlike before, you could hear him talking here already.

I guess if we were there, probably, I and the kids would play in the snow, will make an angel for Dad and we throw snow balls to each other. Faith might be surprised as how different the rains there, it is not water anymore; I can imagine her round eyes, awed by the beauty of it. I know sooner or later we would be fed up of it as I can hear a lot of people wishing not to snow because they cannot go out.

Well, we haven’t experience a white Christmas so you cannot blame me imagining those things, lol

2 Responses to “Let IT Snow, Let It Snow”

  1. eden says:

    tan aw gyud ko sa video kay wala pa ko kita ug snow sad. wala man sa among lugar naa diri ra sa bukid ra man. naa ra mi frost nindot sad tan awon inig ka buntag ang mga dahon. tugnaw lang kaayo.

    thanks for sharing

  2. anne says:

    your welcome den hehehe video na lang ta ani taman lol

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