Nice Poem For Christmas

… But for dad it is a silly poem. When I was browsing to the Internet, trying to put up my post into words, my hubby asked what I am doing. I answered, I was trying to read some blog, see if I could construct mine but time passed by I still could not think what would be the topic I am going to tackle, my mind is totally a blur and it is so slow.

Suddenly, my husband got an idea of what to post this morning and well according to him, it is a silly poem.

Twas night before Christmas
And All through Davao
Faith and MJ were snoring
Inside their house
Mom was blogging
Her usual thing
And Yanyan was kuliting
His mommy again
When up in the air
There was a big noise
The kids worked up
But were very poised
MJ snuck into the living room to see
But Faith was good and in her diaper did not pee
Faith saw mommy stacking presents
Under the tree
While MJ snuck a glass of iced tea
The kids played and laughed and tickled their mom
Mom hugged and kissed them
And said Merry Christmas to you
I love you dearly my dearest two.

2 Responses to “Nice Poem For Christmas”

  1. eden says:

    hahaha.. i enjoyed reading the poem. nalingaw ko. thanks for sharing

  2. anne says:

    your welcome den hehehe

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