She Will Deliver Her Baby Soon

I visited my friend Clarinda yesterday since she was admitted at the hospital the other night after her grocery shop, she supposed to be admitted right after her ultrasound because her Doctor found out that her fluid is only 7 liters and that she needs serious attainment from her Doctor at the hospital.Though nervous, she asked her Doctor if she could go to the Mall to buy some things for her to be used in the hospital and grocery shop as well since New Year is fast approaching, her Doctor let her out but recommended her to go to the hospital right after shopping.

Yesterday, when I came to visit her, they already hooked something for induced and a dextrose for her. Please help us to pray for her success and safe delivery for her baby, to BFF, just hang on there and things will be put in place, I know GOD will always be there for you. Happy New Year BFF and kisses to your baby!

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