Touch Therapy

Finally, I found the magazine that I bought a month ago, I have so many things to share with this magazine but it was misplaced when I was ready to post it here, good thing I found it the other day.

I am sure all mother’s already knew that a touch could somewhat help the babies recovered when he is sick but don’t you know that a touch can help your baby grow stronger? Here’s how:

  • Massage your baby for about 5 to 10 minutes and find a room and place him on his stomach.
  • Pour a small amount of mild baby oil in your palm, rubbing your hands together to distribute it evenly.
  • Using long, fluid motions, gently rub your hands from the top of baby’s shoulders down the back to the waist. Continue from baby’s thighs down to her little feet.
  • Then, place your baby on her back and repeat the movements.
  • Be sensitive to your baby’s response to your touch. Ensure there is enough baby oil in your palms, so your touch glides easily on baby’s skin and to avoid friction.

Sources: Smart Parenting Magazine

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