When The Breeze Touches My Skin, I Get So Sleepy!

It started yesterday morning, when we went out to attend the 9 morning, the breeze was so cold, that it gets to my bones, it made me so sleepy, good thing that the priest has a lot of jokes to share with us so we keep on laughing, I even forgot I was really so sleepy but the air still blows so cool and how I wish I was still in our bed sleeping, what was I thinking? This is the time for our savior can we just make a little sacrifice to prepare his coming? Oh well it was just the wind.

It was worst today because as early as 2:00 a.m., it started to rain. So now we were dealing not only the cold temperature but the rain as well, we have to complete the 9 morning and I went back to sleep without checking the clock if we set it to alarm at 3:30 a.m., so careless I must have known that sometimes we need to double check things even we are already sure about it. Knock, knock I heard my sister calling outside our bedroom, waking me up. What??? I felt like I just slept for about 30 minutes and here was my sister waking me up, uhmmm I guess she just want to continue to sleep at the church as the priest had told us yesterday about those people who went so early at the church to attend the mass and have a seat to sit down because the place is so crowded that some people were just bringing their own chair!

It was already 4:20 a.m., how could we possibly catch at least the homily of the priest, I am sure it was impossible, but you know what? I guess GOD set the time for us to hear enough of the inspiring words of Jesus Christ, yes were already late but at least we were able to catch the word of GOD. I hope we will not be late tomorrow anymore; I must set and check the alarm clock more than twice. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

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