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Claiming Other Daddy

When Faith’s God Parents went here on Christmas to give her a gift, she can’t help but to smile in front of them. When they left, she ran immediately to the door and called her God Father “Daddy, bye bye Daddy”.On New year’s day, when our neighbor went to our house to get drunk with my brother-in-law, Faith came out from the bedroom and run to our neighbor and greet him “Hi Daddy” the same thing when the our neighbor and his family went out but this is the worst because she cried a bit, she was like making drama but she still so soft when she said “Bye bye Daddy”

I wonder why she always called guys with kids Daddy, it was so unlikely because she only calls Daddy if she saw foreigners in the mall, I understood her with that because her father is a white American, it is just recently that she is claiming all Fathers her Daddy.