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Her Birthday Soon

My eldest daughter will going to celebrate her birthday soon, she will be nine years old in no time. Whew, days are rolling so fast, she was right when she told me that I will be having a teenager anytime soon, I never thought she was referring herself when she said that. Anyway, even how I would deny the fact that she is not that little toddler anymore I once had, I must accept that she is no more a girl but a lady.

More often than not, she loves to listen and humming songs now, recently she was imitating the dance of 2NE1 especially of that Sandara Park, well, I guess I must admit that I am too was watching this group in you tube. Sandara, I guess has reach what she dream on, her moves and grooves are too way different from before I have seen her as the most refined teenage girl before, she dances well but it was not the hip hop that she is dancing now in her Korea, here is one video I just took from you tube.