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Class Will Start Tomorrow

Class will start tomorrow so the moment we arrive home from our friend’s house, I told my eldest daughter to fix her things to prepare for her school the next morning. When I check my youngest daughter, she is already on her crib sleeping, I hope she won’t wake up in the middle of the night, knowing her body routine just changed recently, she would wake up around 10 p.m., then she will go back to sleep around 12:00 a.m., I hope she will not do that kind of routine since we really have to have a good sleep so we could wake up at 6:00 a.m., for her Ate’s school.

Soon she will also be packing her bag and things to be ready for school; I can’t wait for that day I know she will be excited. Right now she has to compose herself to watch videos for kids, this is what I like for Faith because whenever I let her watch an educational videos for children, she is very attentive as if she understands what was in the video.Last night, when she was still awake and I was already droopy, I turned the computer on and browse the You Tube; she knows already what I wanted her to watch so she waited for me patiently until it was ready. I fell asleep beside her and every time the video will buffer, she immediately woke me up to tell me I have to redo the video again so she could watch it straight.
This is how serious she was when she is watching a videoLetter G for Giant, I hope she will remember it hehehe