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Mellow Yellow Monday: So Excited

Faith was so excited when we went out yesterday, since there were only numbers of times that she could go with us. When she woke up yesterday and I said that she has to get up immediately so to prepare, she followed me right away and did not complain at all.
We went to church first then we watched a movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks-The squeakquel.

She said she saw a rainbow, I told her there’s no rainbowStop for a pose, sorry for the background it is a vacant lot in our subdivision
no one owns it yet, so its still waiting for someone to apply for it.

In case you have some pictures that has a splash of yellow, don’t hesitate to join us here.


Charice Sings And Dance In That Blockbuster Movie

I haven’t watch the thriller of the movie, but they said that Charice was there in one of the scene, so when I watched the movie together with my kids. We were really waited for her show up and then there she was, singing on stage just before the chipmunks arrived from batting with Ian the always frustrated manager, hehehe. Here’s my short summary.