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Latest Update

We all know about the massacre that happens recently and I am sure all of you can’t help to give your sympathy to the victims and their family. I hope the law will not jeopardize everything and will continue to stand with the truth. I hope the government will take action of who really are behind this unbelievably, notorious crime.

Latest update of the massacre:

The first witness to testify against a powerful clan member accused of leading a pre-election massacre of 57 people in the southern Philippines said Wednesday he saw the defendant and his family firing guns as victims knelt and begged for their lives. The testimony came on the second day of the murder trial of Andal Ampatuan Jr., the top suspect in the Nov. 23 killings of journalists, relatives and supporters of a rival who was challenging Ampatuan for the governorship of Maguindanao province in May elections.

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Anyone Would Like To Recommend?

Just because I wanted to have different hairstyles, I always have my hair to be always changed, from color black to blond, from so short to long, from straight to a layered one. And don’t you know I wanted to try the brunette before, geez I am not sure what would be like if I pursue that.

One time when I took my daily bath, I noticed some hair loss wherever I was; I saw two or more strands either in our pillow, shoulder or in the floor drain in the bathroom. I needed to have remedy for my hair loss, I needed to get a hair loss shampoos to help me with my hair problem and to get it in shape again. I am still anxious to look for the treatment, I already had one but I am not satisfied with the result, anyone would like to recommend?

No It’s My Sister’s Jeepy

My kids get along so well, wherever Mj is, expect Faith to be like her tail. She always followed her and imitate of what her eldest sister is doing and they are so closed that she knows her sister’s things.

One day, Yanyan played Mj’s toys and she was not around, Faith debated and told my nephew that it was Mj’s she even explained so hard and asked me to get the toy back. That was what happens to the video below during our fun time in wonderland, when a kid rode the jeepey that her sister used a while ago, she keeps on telling the kid “No, that was Ate Mj”.

To Get Back To A More Healthy Weight

Terry knows he has put on too much weight recently and he really wants to take it off. He has a hard time resisting the temptation to snack between meals.

I know he wants to get back to a more healthy weight but he needs help to do it, I have just learned that fat burners may be one way to help him lose weight. I must be supportive and encourage him to lose weight in a way that is healthy.