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Friday Fill Ins # 1

My first time to join the Friday Fill Ins Meme and I am so excited to do and fill in all the questions here.

1. The lesson I learned yesterday was being patient is a virtue.
2. Living room with magic sing is where friends and family meet.
3. All these years I am wishing for my family to be together.
4. Faith has a wide smile when I arrived.
5. The truth is I like to write love stories and publish it.
6. Overwhelming happiness is what I remember most from that day.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to wear my new clothes, tomorrow my plans include to visit a friend and Sunday, I want to have a curly hair

He Was So Supportive And I Was So Pampered

I already have posted how supportive Terry when I was pregnant with Faith even how miles he was away from us; he never forget my needs during pregnancy. And because I didn’t have a flat sandals before so he sent me two pairs of flat sandals, I was craving for chocolates so she sent me so many different kinds of chocolates, I was having a hard time taking so many vitamins recommended by my OB, he sent me a prenatal vitamins that had all the vitamins in one capsule.

I was so pampered when I bear Faith in my womb unlike of Mj’s but I know GOD won’t give me trials in life if I was not that strong enough to handle it. I am just so thankful now that GOD gave me a man who would help me weigh things so that the loads in life is not that heavy for me, GOD gave me a man who will held my hand forever in my journey, and a man who would always be here no matter what.

I So Miss My Friends

I’d been working like a dog ever since, I was a customer service in a mall then a Secretary counting tires in a truck in a trucking services, then I was a merchandiser from a certain product but due to I want more commission in the tiles department, I entertained customers from their though that means I have to carry a dozen of tiles and mind you it was not the ordinary tiles, it was the 12 x 12 size tiles.
Sad to say I have no pictures from those friends I made from there. On 2004, I was hired as an administrative assistant in a construction firm, I had ups and downs on that company but I didn’t deny the idea that I learned so many lessons from that company. Although I have to push my rights and to shout the working men in the field over the radio, it was so funny because they thought I was a big bulky woman because when I demand some information from them, they should answer it fast or else they would know what will happen. But I was able to deal with them, I know some of them can’t pick up that easy but later we became friends and they were able to understand me with the push and the demands, they knew that I have to face it myself to my boss if something wrong happen in the site.

I resigned from that company due to some reasons and tried my luck in a drinking company; it was only a part time job though. A two months locating their Accounts Payable and collections, then after two months, I was hired as an agent for a ticketing company, well I was focused on the Accounts payable and not of encoding passengers in a plane. They planned to train me and send me for seminars regarding with tourism and airlines but a text message came to me that I was hired as one of the Accounting staff in Digital Interface, they offered me a higher salary once I will be regular, so I render my resignation to the airline company and tried my luck in Digital Interface.

Friendships and the good ambiance in the office made me stayed for 1 year, I didn’t want to resign but I had to choose to level up my knowledge into a much complicated agenda of my career. And that was to apply as a call center agent in one of call centers here in our place, there I was able to enhance my communications skills and my patience in dealing customers over the phone. I was a customer service representative and it was harder in my part though I was able to manage all the calls well. I didn’t have reports that I abandoned call or being impolite to the not so good customers. Maybe I was strong enough to handle such cases unlike with some other agents who cried quietly while taking the irate phone calls.

Now since I had Faith and I can’t seem to go out anymore at night because every time I am about to leave, tears will about to well-up. I think the best and the most memorable career in my entire life is to be a mother, sure I don’t have a salary to expect every 15th day of the month, but the joys and the love of our kids are truly worth than a thousand of pesos every payroll. I so miss my friends though, I sometimes envy them of being so busy at work but I guess I have a life to take and a family that needed my attention.

Do You Know What You Are Putting In Your Body?

In another post I talked about diuretics in some diet products. What you really need is the best fat burner you can find. Once again finding out what is in a product is important and if you are taking other supplements or doctor prescribed medications to know how they will interact. We should all take care to know what we are putting in our body.

That’s why Terry keeps on reprimanding me of the pills or the tea I am taking, if there’s a laxative or anything like it. There is one time when I took a diet pill from China, it made me palpitate so hard, I stopped when I learned it was not BFAD approved so lesson learn, you should be extra careful of the products your are about to take, read the label and take precautions before anything bad will happen to you.