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She Was So Happy

I brought Faith to the mall today and she felt like she just won a jackpot of treating her in the wonderland. And as usual she was so amazed with so many toys around, she keeps on roaming everywhere though there’s one toy there she keeps on coming back. She also tried the slide but what I was concerned of, is that when she is already at the top, she cannot stop jumping. I was so worried she might fall from there so I keep on pulling her dress, in which she was so pissed. She told me to leave her there and had fun.

But I am just a mom whose main concern is her, so I persist her to get down from that slide and play with other toys, she did not listen to me at first and tried to struggle but no, she cannot defeat Mom, she had to obey what Mom said otherwise we will go out from the wonderland and will never get back.

Vitamins That Had All The Package

Before Terry left for the states, he bought me calcium vitamins since we found out that I have a medium risk for bone cancer, well this is what we get when we are drinking less milk. But I hope to search of womens vitamins that had all the package, like calcium, Vitamin C, or a multivitamins so I don’t have to struggle to take those one by one. Not to mention that I really hated huge capsule but I can’t do anything with it since I really have to intake it, were not getting any younger as what they said so we really have to need those to have an extra energy.

One Happy Mother On Earth

I am here at Kumon where Mj have her tutor every Friday and Saturday’s but because I had my mini laptop with me I was able to gain access with the Internet of course with a Globe Tattoo. Now I am not bored anymore of waiting for her, I have the best way to get myself busy with.

On the other hand, Mj informed me yesterday that we can get their report card at school already. I know she has been working hard this past few months to at least cope up with her grades. She and Terry agreed of something that if she could catch up her lessons, she will have a price when he gets back. We understand that the new school has another method of teaching and MJ felt anew with the method they are using, she was used to the old school where everything is spoon feed, and comprehension was not that used.

Now, her Civics and Science improved, she even had more line of 9 now and I am so glad to know there were no line of 7 anymore. Geez I hate that, the teacher told me that she is interacting with her teachers anymore and would volunteer to answer now unlike before that she was so tamed and seems so scared of everything. My kid ‘o is ready to explore with the new things around her and I am a one happy mother on earth.

Supplement Plan

As we get older we have more and more medical problems. In the United States people over 65 qualify for Medicare.Medicare does not pay for all your medical needs and if you do not have Medicare supplement insurance you may not be able to afford the medical care you need. I know that I don’t want a major part of my retirement income going to pay my medical bills, so I will certainly want a good supplement plan.