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Just Before We Left

Just before we went out, watching you tube videos with her sister

Every time Faith is going out with me, she always has a happy smile. I told my eldest daughter that I should bond with Faith alone because on Sunday I will bring her to the Christening Party of my friend’s son. She agreed with me though she wanted to go with us but realized later Faith needs a treat as well, so stayed at home and watched the Mr. Bean in You Tube.

Before I and Faith went out, she sat beside her eldest sister and watch a video with her for a while, when I asked her to get up so I could change her, she stood up immediately and had wore a happy smile. She bade her elder sister goodbye and was so excited to get out from the gate.

Faith with her wide smile when we are ready about to go out

A Safe Home

I was surprised when Terry told me he has a first aid kit at the house in Maryland as well as other safety products in the event he needs them. On one of his visits here he left a travel safety kit with us. I know he is concerned with safety in the home as well as in the works pace. Having a safe home and safe work place is easy if you take the proper precautions and have the right safety products.

Mellow Yellow Monday : A Huge Flower

This was during, I rushed my eldest daughter to her dentist right after the school nurse sent her home and told me that Mj got injured while playing at school; her two front teeth were broke. After the dentist appointment, we headed to a nearest restaurant to eat our dinner, and then we saw this flower in the park.

The picture above was my daughter and my friend Cheryl.

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Good Way To Start

Have you ever wanted to own your own business? Well a lot of start up businesses fail because the owners do not really have the know how to get it up and running.

If you are interested in starting a business you might want to look at some franchise opportunities. Franchising is a good way to start a business. Most companies that offer franchises will help you in getting hour franchise started. They have certain rules and guidelines you need to meet and these in themselves can help you get your franchise off to a good start.