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During Mj’s Birthday

Since Mj only wanted to celebrate her birthday together with her classmates and it falls during school days, I decided to hire the Jollibee team and hosted a small party at the classroom. The kids were awed with the foods and the loot bags I bought for them, Mj has a special gift from the team. Though they had only one game since the team was late for how many minutes, Well anyway that was the only problem I got from them because instead of 11:20 a.m., they arrived at 11:45 a.m., and the class starts at 12:30 p.m., I was pissed off but with the kids laugh and enjoyment at that time. I have to set aside my complaints about them and go with the flow.

Faith on the other hand was enjoying meeting new friends around the classroom; she tried to get Ate Mj’s attention to introduce her to her classmates. And when the foods arrived she told me that she wanted to eat right away of course the cover of the lunch pack has the image of a Jollibee.

Those Were The Days

It seems like yesterday that my eldest daughter was wearing a white toga, marching thru the stage to receive her diploma when she was a kindergarten yet. And since Mom was working hard at night, we were not able to have a big celebration. After the graduation, I just sent her to an ice cream parlor and spent our time together there unlike with her other classmates, they really exerted their effort to prepare a party for their graduation they even handed us a photo graduation announcements to let us know that we were invited to the party.

Inasmuch as Mj and I wanted to go to their party and celebrate with them, we just can’t since I have some appointment to make after the event. Although we only spent our day so simple, Mj was still very happy because I was there in the stage with her, putting her medal for Best in English.