A Gentle Baby

Yesterday when we were invited for a birthday party at my neighbor’s house, one of the visitors there noticed Faith’s actions, she even asked me if how old is she because she walk and run slowly. I abruptly answered her that Faith walks even before she turns 1 year old. I told her that Faith got her actuation from her Dad.Faith is a gentle kid, yes she play with other kids and or run around, but you would notice her actions, she seems like she is so careful and when she talks, she would talk or please with a very soft voice. Refine and gentle that what my daughter is.

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  1. Drinkin' Tide says:

    May mga bata talagang very fine kumilos, the way they talk and all that. When they eat, very refined, ganyan din si Roan noong maliit pa..and people will be amazed kapag nakakita sila ng mga kids na parang matured kumilos.

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    P.S. dito ako sa account ni Rodney kaya iba ang aking name

  2. anne says:

    hi girl hehehe, kala ko sino tong si drinkin tide lol anyway year you are right., may mga kids talaga na mature na kung kumilos hehehe

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