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Alright since I was not able to join the last topic here at Girl’s Talk, let me include this in my post.

My first and only crush before that lasted very long, from high school to college, his name started with W. My sister Irenei is actually the friend of this guy, don’t get confused we were on the same age; it was that they were just close. I first saw him when sister invited him and his friends to our house to watch a movie. It was the land before time, when they were watching I was making a rag out of used clothes. I didn’t know he also had a crush on me; his friend keeps on teasing him whenever we talked. Yes we became friends after.But maybe because we are just friends and we felt like we don’t want to lose our friendship. He did not court me even he already knew that I got a crush on him, lol if I knew he was just a member of DKI gang, (di ka ingon in short torpe grrr)

Anyway, I heard he is now a soldier in their province and happily married.

Now, let’s talk about my first date.

Well, my first date was supposedly to watch the Titanic movie, but because he could not find me and I could not find him in our school or maybe we were not meant to be, it did not pursue. Instead I joined my best friend after she asked me if that guy is more important than our friendship. Of course she matter’s the most and oh well I can’t find, that guy so maybe better luck next time. On Monday I found out that he looked in every corner in our school just to find me and stayed the place where we agreed to meet for four hours, good thing my co-scholar saw him and told him I was with my friend.

It’s your turn for you to share your First Date, just hit the badge for the link. Thanks!

12 Responses to “GT: First Date”

  1. Rossel says:

    oh yeah, it's reminiscing month in girls talk. kinikilig ako sa lahat ng entries. lol!

    grabe tiyaga nya, imagine 4 hours syang naghintay. ngayon yata walang ganyang katiyaga. happy GT, ann. thanks for dropping by.

  2. r u s s says:

    That's soooo nice and sweet of him to wait for you for hours 🙂 BTW, I have my First Date post here. ☮.♥.☆

  3. K says:

    agree ako ke rossel. nowadays, wala na sigurong ganun katagal maghihintay for a date. hehe. pero teka, if that wasn't the first, then ano yung first date mo?? LOL

    Btw, mine's here.

  4. anne says:

    hahaha when we saw each other on Monday he was so mad at me and did not talked to me since then lol

  5. anne says:

    hi russ, he was so mad to me after lol wahh

  6. anne says:

    hi K lol the second was also a flop because we did not saw in the mall wahhh so I watched the movie alone and him with his friends wahh they were in balcony and i was in orchestra wahhh

  7. nuts says:

    sipag at tyaga..:D wow, nag effort talaga siya to look for you..:)

  8. Beth says:

    four hours pero di kayo nagkita?! why kya? anyway, Titanic pa naman is one of the best movies to watch on first dates! Sayang! 🙂

  9. anne says:

    oo nga nag effort nga siya pero ba naman pinagalitan ako kung bakit ko saw siya inindyan wahhh until now he never talked to me wahh

  10. anne says:

    baka lang kasi na late siya beth? and my bestfriend started to act up na lol so alangan naman mag antay sayuang naman ang titanic hahahaha

  11. Chie Wilks says:

    hehehhe DKI diay na ha…di ka ingon…short for torpe..i learn new word here eeheheh..

    cguro sis di rajud meant to be katong inyong date..pero sweet sya ha kay nghulat og four hours..he must really serious with his feeling

    posted mine too Here

  12. nikogirl says:

    W for you first crush's names.. bigla ako nag isip ng mga names starting with W 🙂 bwahahaa

    and your first date is so kakilig ha.. to wait for you for 4 hours is something 🙂

    thanks for joining Gt ha. see you next week girl!!

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