He Was So Supportive And I Was So Pampered

I already have posted how supportive Terry when I was pregnant with Faith even how miles he was away from us; he never forget my needs during pregnancy. And because I didn’t have a flat sandals before so he sent me two pairs of flat sandals, I was craving for chocolates so she sent me so many different kinds of chocolates, I was having a hard time taking so many vitamins recommended by my OB, he sent me a prenatal vitamins that had all the vitamins in one capsule.

I was so pampered when I bear Faith in my womb unlike of Mj’s but I know GOD won’t give me trials in life if I was not that strong enough to handle it. I am just so thankful now that GOD gave me a man who would help me weigh things so that the loads in life is not that heavy for me, GOD gave me a man who will held my hand forever in my journey, and a man who would always be here no matter what.

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