Just Before We Left

Just before we went out, watching you tube videos with her sister

Every time Faith is going out with me, she always has a happy smile. I told my eldest daughter that I should bond with Faith alone because on Sunday I will bring her to the Christening Party of my friend’s son. She agreed with me though she wanted to go with us but realized later Faith needs a treat as well, so stayed at home and watched the Mr. Bean in You Tube.

Before I and Faith went out, she sat beside her eldest sister and watch a video with her for a while, when I asked her to get up so I could change her, she stood up immediately and had wore a happy smile. She bade her elder sister goodbye and was so excited to get out from the gate.

Faith with her wide smile when we are ready about to go out

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  1. texas_sweetie says:

    kadaku ba'g ngisi oi. maayo mani's faith day kay tambok..deden kay wangkig lang agi

  2. Anney says:

    Very cute smile!

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