Potty Training : Successful Last Night

Faith made it! After of how many times attempt to do it, she finally succeeded at the very last minute before she went to bed last night. Although it was already, almost 12:00 a.m., can’t help to congratulate her and told her she was very good. She was also clapping her hand because she knows that I was so happy.I also tried of putting her milk in a tumbler when she asked me her milk, she had a fun time when she tried drinking it from a tumbler and I guess I will continue it until she knows how to hold the tumbler properly. But my sister Irenie was objecting about it, I mean when Faith asked a milk in the middle of the night and since I know what does she mean, she just want a bottle feed for something to suck in her mouth although it was with milk, I didn’t grant it, that’s what my sister disapproved about but I told her Faith already has her milk before she went to sleep and had a dinner before that.

Now, is this the right time to train her with bottle feeding or I am doing it the wrong way? Should I still give her milk in a bottle when she asked in the middle of the night? She did not insist though when I told her no last night. I am confused of the right age should a kid stop using the feeding bottle.

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  1. Mom of Four says:

    Well, you can't really tell when is the right age to stop them from being bottle fed. You can train them at early age, even though Faith already drinks her milk from a tumbler, wag mo muna siya bigyan ng tumbler sa gabi, kasi baka masyadong malakas ang labas ng gatas, ma choke siya. If she already had milk before she went to bed, and she woke up in the middle of the night and ask for another one, you can say No, and if she was OK with that that's fine. If she insisted and start crying, you can give her half bottle. para lang masanay siyang walang milk. wag mo lang biglain, kasi kawawa naman.

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