She Was So Fussy

As I am really ascertained of training Faith to get away from feeding bottle, I gave her milk in a sippy cup this time before she went to bed. She still accepted it but she did not finish the whole cup. In the evening when it was our time to hit the bed, she started becoming so antsy though later on she fast asleep.

Not until at dawn, she was so fussy and all. She tried again to look for a spot in our bed that no one could bother her, no feet could flew on her body. As it was already so tight she was so helpless and cried out loud. It was already 6:00 a.m., when she was at peace, when her cousin Mariel and her sister Mj is off to school.

I really must look for a more spacious bed or double deck bed perhaps. We looked like sardines in our tiny bed already, I hope to find and buy one after their birthday’s if God permits and our budget lol.

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