She Was So Happy

I brought Faith to the mall today and she felt like she just won a jackpot of treating her in the wonderland. And as usual she was so amazed with so many toys around, she keeps on roaming everywhere though there’s one toy there she keeps on coming back. She also tried the slide but what I was concerned of, is that when she is already at the top, she cannot stop jumping. I was so worried she might fall from there so I keep on pulling her dress, in which she was so pissed. She told me to leave her there and had fun.

But I am just a mom whose main concern is her, so I persist her to get down from that slide and play with other toys, she did not listen to me at first and tried to struggle but no, she cannot defeat Mom, she had to obey what Mom said otherwise we will go out from the wonderland and will never get back.

2 Responses to “She Was So Happy”

  1. Neldajay says:

    Easy to please the kids , but if you tell them what is good for them they always not agree with you… why?
    The same as my kids….

    Have great one Anne!

  2. ♥Willa♥ says:

    Bakit nga ba ganyan mga bata, mga walang takot, hindi nila alam na tayong mga mommy, mahihimatay na sa takot, sa kanila,parang wala lang…:)

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