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GT : My One True Love

I know it’s hard to believe but you know what I just learned now that the hearts day is fast approaching. Yeah, I never expected that Valentines Day will be soon; well it is obviously my head is spinning hard around with the things that are going on right here. Faith’s birthday will be soon too before Valentines Day so I really kind a forget about the Valentines Day. Wahhhhh!!!!

Alright, my one true love is no other than my husband who always there for me through ups and downs. He always made sure that I and the kids are being taken cared of by him, the move out seems like a big decision for him because that means I would be alone with the kids, but because I thought that it would be best for us to live on our own, he agreed with it. Anyway, we would soon apply for the visa and the separation will be end in no time.

But before I found him, my one ever true love, I have yet many trials on the way, maybe GOD let me find the wrong one first so when I found the one true love I already know how to value the love. Read my entry here.

On the other hand I have to go now because it’s my eldest daughter first communion, she is so excited about it. She said finally she could eat that white round thing lol.

All The Games In The World

All kids these days seem to enjoy playing video games, whether it is on a computer a handheld device or a game console. Games can be expensive and ps3 games perhaps can be fun for kids and educational. I know MJ likes to play games and will often ask permission to do so. I enjoy them too.

Faith is a bit young but some games can help her learn. I look forward to playing games with the girls and beating my hubby when I play against him.

Happiness Award

This award is long overdue, I never thought I had an award from Mommy Liza of This is my Life. Although I am a bit busy here and keeps on forgetting things around yet I am so lucky enough that Mommy Liza never forgot to lend me this award. Thank you girl!

10 Things, that makes me happy:

1. GOD
2. Husband
3. Daughters
4. Visa application
5. Of course approval
6. Friends
7. Laptop
8. Blogging
9. Family Vacations
10. The moving out soon I hope it would be at my husband’s house instead.

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