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Little Garden Fronting The Gate

As you all know I just moved in to this house, geez I need to have a grass seed to the garden I will put up in front of this house and that is outside our gate, you may wonder why do I have to put up a garden there, well there’s no soil around at all since the owner of the house did not landscaped it instead they cemented the whole surrounding. Anyway, I just have to wait for my sister Merlyn to cut the wild grass with thorns there so I could start with the little garden I am going to put up in that small land fronting the fence.

I don’t have any problem with the arrangement inside the house though, because it was already organized even before the furniture arrives, I already have visualized where I put each of the appliances so it will not be hard for me when it would be delivered. Our neighbor from the previous house even commented that I seem like I have lived there for how many years already since I already organized all the things in an instant. Well, you just have to buy the things that are according the size of your house so it won’t be tight and or it won’t be too spacious at all.