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Friday Fill-Ins # 2


Friday Fill Ins once again, this is my second time to join this Meme and it was from last month yet. Well forgive me for skipping the Meme for a while, we were just so busy here that I did not have much time to stay in front of the computer.

But not this time anymore as I already organized things here and we were able to adjust in this new house already. So you must see me here from time to time.

1. Pickles I and the kids hate it!
2. Some foods were still left from Faith’s birthday at home.
3. The snow is on the driveway that my husband needs to shovel it so he can go to work by tomorrow.
4. We must conserve our trees in nature.
5. It’s 5:16 PM; that means Mj has to prepare for her tutor.
6. True friendship is hard to find.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watched the PBB, tomorrow my plans include to have the cable install and Sunday, I want to have a date with my kids!