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When Time Seems Too Impossible

I read this article from a very old edition of Parenting Magazine. I was waiting for Mj to finish her Kumon that I spotted this magazine and read it. I find it very interesting so I thought to write it down since they are not allowing us to bring any Magazines owned by the company. This is about when a Husband and a Wife seems so busy with their lives in the office and with their kids, that they cannot find some time alone with each other, here are some of the techniques and ways to at least have a nice make with the relationship.

  • Be Creative
It’s the little activities you plug into each day that make the difference, for instance have a cup of hot chocolate together after dinner, watch the news at night or carve 10 minutes of lighten up time each day, when you unload and share a funny story.

  • Do it Together
Exercise, read or help your kids with homework as a team. Even if you’re not actually interacting, the mutual involvement still connects you.

  • Reach Out and Touch
Put on some music and dance. Or give each other a quick back rub.

Some Place To Unwind

Last month, I started to love green tea and it indeed helped me with my constipation but I stopped taking it since I usually forgot to buy those things again in the mall. I am so occupied now that I think I need some places to unwind. Good thing that hubby permitted me to go somewhere next week, I might not only bring a green tea but also a green tea diet pill as well, you know how I really wanted to get back in my previous shape.

Well, I have done a good job this morning because I was able to have an exercise by following the dancing steps of the video that my niece brought last night from the other house. I sweat though not a lot because it rained here a bit and the breeze of the air coming from the window was a bit cold, I thanked God d it rained and we don’t need to do a cloud seeding anymore just to rain.

Mellow Yellow Monday # 16 : The Yellow Gift

Faith’s birthday was so simple yet a blast, though we did not hire a mascot or a clown to entertain the guests but we still had fun especially when she received some gifts from her Ninang and friends.
One gift that she received is the picture below, a yellow top and pants and it wrapped in a yellow bag too, it was so cute that’s why I thought to post it here for mellow yellow Monday.

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Scrubbing And The Pricking

My first facial scrub or treatment was done on August 2008 during the baptismal of my youngest daughter, on that day I learned that I had too much blackheads in my nose area and I just felt so good after the pricking though yeah it hurts big time. From that time on, I have a regular facial treatment twice or thrice in a year or I prickled the blackheads myself, I just learned to do it when the one who had done my facial treatment taught me some small details on how to do it, more or so I really had a hard time doing it and gosh it was so freaking painful, yet I want to learn more though so I won’t spend money for having someone to do the scrubbing or the pricking, nevertheless I want to find a treatment that has nothing to do with the pricking so to avoid the ouch every time I do such thing.

On the other note, I also wanted to have a massage; I badly needed it now as I felt like my joints are not aligning again huh? Nope, I am just so tired from the move out and the walking, these past few days, I need some time to relax and unwind. I hope I can get a massage before I would go to Manila next week.