Archive for February 16th, 2010

I Just Could Not Stop Eating

After the move out, I could not seem to stop eating well before I moved in here, I was so busy going out, buying all the things we need for the house and preparing the house as well so I really had less time to eat, I could even tell I was really losing some weight but geez after a week or so I can’t just stop eating.

So I have to look for some means to quick trim extreme burn my fats, I even went back on following the steps from the DVD I bought years ago and used the binder again so to helped me flatten my tummy, tomorrow I might need the slimming massager that I bought from my sister last month.

Charlie’s Angels

We had some fun last night here when Mj went home from the birthday party at the neighbor; she showed me her nice beautiful paint on her face and on her right arm. Since Faith woke up right after I arrived, her Ate Mj handed her a balloon right away, she was so happy with it that I can’t help to take pictures of them both.

 And since I did not uploaded yet the pictures from last night, I might just want to share with you our shadows, Faith was not there though because it was taken at night in a park when Mj had her tooth checked up, more or so I might just call this image the shadows of Charlie’s Angels as we seemed like posing as theirs. Anyway the shadows were mine, my eldest daughter Mj and my friend Cheryl.

Life Is Even Better

I do a lot of searching on the Internet and sometimes I get frustrated with the hits the most popular search engines return. There are just too many hits and not all of them are related to the information I am seeking.

Search engine optimization is one way you can narrow your search results good thing that with free seo software tools, I am not getting any much hits at all, it could even help me to find the data I need without all the annoying non-related hits that I may get when using the usual search engines available online. Life is even better now with the exact data I need.