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Package, Grocery, and Cartoon Movies

Lo and behold! I thought I could send the package yesterday but nope I was not able to since I need one more document from NSO, I would waste money if I insisted to just send it and later will send the last document. Anyway, even though it was raining a bit yesterday, I still survived the day lol!

After I exchanged the work sheets of Mj, I proceeded to the grocery and shop a little, I bought the kids a cereal, they were so happy with it, Faith abruptly asked me if she could eat it right away but I said not yet since she didn’t had her dinner yet. Mj was still in her tutor when I arrived home and since she has to walk from there to our house I fetched her up instead, not to mention it was already 8:30 p.m., when they finished.

Like Faith she was also happy when she saw their favorite cereal in our fridge that after we ate dinner, Faith and her still ate a bowl of cereal while watching their favorite cartoon in Disney channel, haist when I could watch my own movie in this house. Don’t get me wrong though, because you can hear me laughing so hard also later in the living room with them.

You Can Get A Degree Even Just At Home

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GT: Valentines Day 2010 Pictures

My husband asked me what would I do on Valentines Day and since I thought to treat the kids outside would be nice I told him so. We went to hear mass first with a friend and her kids then we headed to the mall after the Church, my friend cannot come with us since they already went out on Saturday, in fact they invited us in a pool, yes they celebrated their Valentines Day in advance at the pool. Mj wanted to come but she can’t since she has a Kumon to attend to.

 My kids were so happy when we watched the Princess and the Frog, Faith can’t stop laughing when a frog was chased after a giant hungry crocodile, she’s a bit thrilled also as she keep on hiding her face when the frogs were almost bitten by that crocodile. I thought to grocery shop a little but with Faith around, I can’t do it anymore besides I was already tired from the movie, so we went to Jollibee instead to eat, all of us ordered a fried chicken well that is our all time favorite ever and did I mention Faith loves it very much too? Hehehe

Chicken yummy yum yum
After eating the chicken, here come the juice

Blurry oi

I and Faith

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Check The Label

I have mentioned here before that I tried the diet pills of that from China and after few days of taking it, I felt like I am palpitating too much. I told this to my sister but she did not believe it, I checked the container if it is BFA approved but I could not find anything. I thought I was just imagining things or just over reacted but when I talked to one of my sister’s friend, she also had the same experienced and stop taking the pills. It warned me not to continue with it, I told my sister about it as she also taking it but did not experience any side effects. So she ignores me once again, I cannot break her belief that one day it would have a very effective result until the news broke it off, saying there were already victims of the said pills and had a severe lose bowel movement from then on, she stopped it right away.

If I hadn’t stopped it, I might be one of their victims. The incident helped me to realize that you just can’t trust a weight loss supplements if the source is not reliable enough, I mean look what I did? I was just wasting my money, time and effort over that pill. So if I were you, if you are really trying so hard to lose weight, you should find someone or a website that tells all and you must also check the label if it is approved by Bureau of Food and Products so to make sure you are safe.